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Reactable is an innovative musical instrument. Reactable is made in an intuitive, interactive interface and allows you to create music collectively.



The Reactable music table redefines the legendary principal of analog sound generation used in the early 60s by Bob Moog in an innovative high-tech interface. A large number of all kinds of effect processors, tone generators, sample blocks, puts Reactable one step ahead of everything that the modern music industry offers today. Reactable, created by a group of European developers from the Institute of Audiovisual Technologies in Barcelona, for the three years of its existence, was represented in 30 countries and received worldwide fame and recognition. The music table is available worldwide.


Not so long ago, videos of an amazing tool Reactable, a music table, appeared on the Internet, which immediately started talking on almost all portals. Society has identified a Reactable Music Table future, and the creators themselves said that soon their child would be a necessary and sufficient condition for the creation and performance of electronic music. Not without critics who considered Reactable a beautiful toy and it will be especially interesting, written below.


The concept of the Reactable is extremely simple. Indeed, the music table creates an interactive environment for human interaction with a computer and implements absolutely any ideas. The musical table of the future Reactable creates amazing opportunities in the shortest possible time. The music table limits only the cost. Reactable project; this is a combination of all the necessary music systems and applications in one instrument; Reactable Music Table is a futuristic audiovisual machine.

Reactable experience

In practice, everything turned out to be much more interesting. Any work on sound synthesis has always assumed remote, mediocre participation of the musician. Reactable music table allowed touching the sound synthesis, musical drawings are created in the literal sense. The musical table of the future Reactable opened a completely new look musical activity, he allowed several people at the same time, in real-time, on one instrument to create and change the sound picture, turning the process into a fascinating, visual, and understandable viewers of the show. Absolutely nothing like this has ever happened before. Not surprisingly, over the 2 years of its existence, Reactable visited 30 countries of the world, occupied a place in museums, and received many prestigious awards.

Not surprisingly, over the 2 years of its existence, Reactable visited 30 countries of the world, occupied a place in museums, and received many prestigious awards.

Firsthand Facts

Specialists from Evolution in Moscow, engaged in the development and promotion of unusual musical instruments, naturally, did not pass by this unique instrument. Having become Russian representatives of Reactable Systems, they brought a wonder-table to Russia, to acquaint our public with new development. Detailed information on where you can see the Reactable music table is presented on their website


Evolution Music has prepared for you an exclusive interview with the developers of Reactable.


Gunter Geiger is one of the 4 founders of the project answering the questions about Reactable.

What is Reactable in your understanding?

Reactable is a musical instrument in which the technology of sound synthesis and visualization is implemented, to create a universal tool for creating and playing electronic music live. He returns to the musician a sense of playing on a real musical instrument, establishing a direct connection between the electronic musician and the listeners, which is usually lost under the veil of multiparameter systems for creating music. The main goal of the Reactable project is to combine existing audio technologies using an interactive interface, making them accessible to musicians and visual for listeners.

Tell us how the project originated.

The project originated from the need for an instrument that could allow us to effectively and efficiently create music on stage. Initially, we developed a tool at the University of Pompeu Fabra for the annual Computer Music Conference International Computer Music Conference, 2005. Then the project continued to evolve. After some time, he gained fame in Internet circles due to several videos that we posted on YouTube. Then, to our surprise, Bjork became interested in the project. After her performances, Reactable became even more popular. DJs began to pester us with questions about the instrument and the possibility of its acquisition. Assessing the situation, we decided to organize a company and start mass production.

How was the team formed?

In the beginning, when the project was just launched, there were four of us - Sergi Jorda, Martin Kaltenbrunner, Marcos Alonso, and Gunter Geiger. Working in different, but very congenial areas in the areas of sound engineering, computer music, interactive systems, we all united in the work on the project. Over time, our team grew, and now our company Reactable Systems is 15 people.

Reactable today is the finished product or is it in the development stage?

The concept of Reactable is not fully implemented, the project is being developed and improved. We are constantly making changes in the software, adding all sorts of new features, and in hardware. We also try as closely as possible to interact with users to take into account and meet their needs. At the moment we do not see a certain limit and are aimed at further work.

Who makes up the user community?

At the moment there are 2 main forums dedicated to our products Reactable Live and its mobile counterpart Reactable Mobile. Both resources carry an important burden. While the Reactable Live forum, available exclusively to product owners, works as a generator of new ideas and product improvement tips, Reactable Mobile, which has a much larger user base, is aimed at sharing music and experience.

How do you see the future of Reactable?

We see our two products evolving side by side. The growing number of users and our joint work with them to improve the project give hope to realize our idea of getting a universal tool for creating and performing live and effective electronic music.

In conclusion

Already, at the stage of formation and development, in response to musical criticism, we can say that Reactable is a revolution in the modern electronic music industry. There is no doubt that the future of the project is extremely promising. Confirmation can be words written by John Maed, who claims that modern technologies are so complex and sophisticated that they can be easily accessible, can pave the way to success.

The Reactable interface is transparent and clean. It does not force puzzling in front of a bunch of settings and faders. Everything is extremely simple and intuitive. Music in the hands of a musician.

Principle of work:
The fundamentals are borrowed from Moog modular analog synthesizers, in which a system of cells connected by cables was used to synthesize sound. Here, software patches are used as a system, and the role of cells is assumed by physical objects (blocks).

Various forms of blocks are tone generators of different waveforms, modulators, effect processors, drum machines, and sample packets. Depending on the orientation and relative position, their parameters change, thereby creating a sound picture.

Reactable is easy to install. With impressive dimensions, it is easily transported in two bags over the shoulder. After 10 minutes of installation, the tool is ready for use.

Press about Reactable:

About the project

We offer rent of Reactable or audiovisual performance on it and other tools. You can also purchase Reactable at www.Evolution.Moscow

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