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Laser harp buy

Laser harp

Laser harp to buy is an opportunity to buy a laser harp instrument. The laser harp is an unusual, innovative musical instrument, controlled by interrupting laser beams. Buy laser harp online with delivery from a range of ready-made models or design unique designs and various options such as built-in synthesizer with effects and others.

Our project has an interesting feature - the rays are reflected or go up high, creating a stunning effect! Using the harp indoors is no less interesting. With the help of a system of mirrors, beams can be directed in any direction, multiplied and scattered, creating laser decorations, labyrinths, and beautiful geometric shapes.

The commercial version of the laser harp is a full-fledged laser harp, with the ability to switch electronics from high to low and vice versa. In addition to the basic configuration, we offer you an exclusive harp assembly. You can choose the number, power, and color of the lasers at your discretion.

Laser harp buy

Laser harp buy


This video demonstrates how the laser harp works.

Mobility and installation:

The laser harp is easy to transport and assemble. When folded, it is placed in a wooden box measuring 30x40x40 mm (included), and the tool is assembled in 5-10 minutes.


Working with lasers is a serious hazard. We urge you to download the safety instructions. The laser harp has a position sensor that ensures safety when working with it. When tilting the harp at an angle more than 20 degrees from the vertical, it automatically turns off, that is, it completely excludes the rays from entering the eyes of the audience.


The laser harp can be custom made to fit the consumed years in size and configuration. Additionally, we can install a laser system next to classical strings.

A laser harp in a classic design will help a musician to express his creative talents in a new way and will perfectly fit into the interior due to its design and appearance

Laser harp buy

A laser harp in a classic design will help a musician to express his creative talents in a new way and will perfectly fit into the interior due to its design and appearance.

Laser harp



The laser harp is a new musical instrument consisting of laser beams that need to be interrupted, similar to the strings of a classical harp. The laser harp can control not only audio but also video, the content you choose. The number of beams can be unlimited, but on average it starts from 8. Laser harp and music creation software is a new musical instrument that will allow you to reveal all your creative ideas. Unusual shows of the future or laser harp, as an installation for the guests of the event. You can record your music and video creation while you play, and then distribute your own music and music videos to guests!

The high-tech laser harp undoubtedly provides a welcome alternative to the retro that many have become accustomed to over the past decades, a change that is felt by a significant number of people after meeting new models. The new models are much faster and the sound quality is unmatched.

Laser harp buy

In its simplest form, the laser harp is a multimedia controller, when the beam is interrupted, the optical sensors send a message to the software, which analyzes the beam number and activates the previously selected events.

Laser harp buy

In the 'framed' harp type of the laser harp, the program and the hardware form a single complex, with the possibility of switching on from 1 button. The software is fully customizable to produce a wide variety of different visual effects.

Laser harp buy

Our laser harp is always available for rent and sale.

You can buy musical instrument laser harp at Evolution today!

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