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Interactive graffiti

Interactive graffiti is a new multimedia attraction for events and celebrations.

Interactive graffiti

Interactive graffiti is a new look at modern art, which allows you to feel the joy of creativity in a new way. A fascinating interactive for any format of the event. The hint feature will help beginners feel more confident and get more positive emotions from the game. Virtual (laser) graffiti will be a great addition to any rides.

Interactive graffiti is an advanced version of the art of painting on the walls. We have the opportunity not to wait for the paint to dry and use a variety of tools to create paintings. Today, no one is surprised by ordinary video projections. Virtual (laser) graffiti will not leave anyone indifferent, will attract the attention of visitors and leave a lot of pleasant feedback.

Interactive graffiti

We offer virtual (laser) graffiti for rent at an event in Moscow. Our experts have long been engaged in interactive attractions and are ready to carry out all the necessary work on the installation of a virtual (laser) graffiti turnkey.

You can buy our interactive graffiti today. Our programmers and designers can create unique content for the attraction of virtual (laser) graffiti with personal scenarios, including advertising and promotion.

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